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At Avyaan Clinic, we seamlessly integrate medical precision with natural beauty solutions. Our facility is renowned for its comprehensive array of services, addressing skin, hair, and nail concerns, along with expert laser treatments.

Our philosophy centers on holistic wellness, aiming to enhance your inherent beauty while resolving dermatological issues. Delve into a world of personalized attention and discover the path to radiant, vibrant skin and hair with Avyaan Skin Hair and Laser Clinic.

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Dr.Swetha Madhavi Yerroju


Consultant Skin Care Physician

Dr. Swetha Madhavi Yerroju brings a decade of clinical experience, showcasing a profound understanding and mastery in the field of Clinical Dermatology. Her expertise ensures patients receive comprehensive and effective solutions for various dermatological concerns.
As a skilled Cosmetologist, Dr. Yerroju excels in cosmetic procedures, providing precision and innovation in enhancing natural beauty. Her commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends and techniques in Cosmetology ensures clients receive cutting-edge and personalized aesthetic treatments.
Dr. Swetha Madhavi Yerroju’s proficiency extends to Dermato Surgery, where her surgical skills meet dermatological finesse. With a decade of experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge to Avyaan Skin and Hair Clinic, ensuring patients receive expert care in surgical dermatology procedures.

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Skincare Successes: Hear from our delighted patients as they share their stories of achieving healthier, happier skin through our expert dermatological care.
“Been Dr.swetha’s patient since a while and she has been treating my hair and the results are magically awesome.Not only is she a great doctor but a superb human being too.”
Praneet Mani
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